Scrap Hauling Services

Got junk? Maryland Junkyards can help you get rid of it, with our professional scrap hauling services!

We specialize in scrap metal pick-up and removal. Our fleet of carriers can handle even the biggest and messiest of jobs. Then, we bring your junk metal to our processing yards to be broken down and reused. 

Did you know recycling used metal is more efficient than mining for new materials? This service not only cleans out your garage, but it is also great for the environment. That’s a win-win!

Our services are both affordable and reliable. We work fast to remove your scrap metal without disrupting your day. 

With five convenient locations, we are proud to serve the greater Baltimore and western Maryland areas, including:

Call 410-437-3131 or toll-free at 800-638-1234 today to schedule an appointment with our scrap hauling specialists.